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Johannes Hedman

Johannes Hedman, born in 1977, is researcher in the areas of forensic DNA analysis and diagnostic PCR. His main objective is to improve the understanding of analytical bottlenecks such as PCR inhibition, and use this knowledge to develop methods with improved detection limits. He obtained his PhD degree at the division of Applied Microbiology in 2011, presenting the thesis “DNA analysis of PCR-inhibitory forensic samples”. He holds a position as Specialist in Molecular Biology at the Swedish National Forensic Centre (NFC) in Linköping, where he has been employed since 2003. Apart from performing research and method development at the division of Applied Microbiology, he is involved in validation and implementation of new DNA analysis methods, public procurement processes, and quality work at NFC. Since 2007, Johannes chairs a sub-group on laboratory automation within the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes DNA Working Group. Since 2014, he leads a collaboration project on improved sampling, DNA extraction and PCR methods, involving Lund University and four governmental agencies: Swedish Defence Research Agency, Swedish Food Agency, Swedish National Veterinary Institute and NFC.

Johannes comes from Östersund and lives in Malmö with his wife Maria and three children.


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