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Metabolic Engineering



Based on previous knowledge obtained from courses, particularly in gene technology, mathematics and microbiology, the course aims to introduce the students to the field of metabolic engineering, discuss tools and strategies used in the field and give the students insight in how the technology can be used in white biotechnology.


  • the course includes lectures on the following topics: strain engineering, advanced genetic tools, metabolic pathways, metabolic control analysis, metabolic flux analysis, omics and systems biology.
  • the literature study consists of a thorough study of research strategies on a specific topic within metabolic engineering.
  • in the lab simulation, the objective is to critically evaluate data arising from a set of experiments where a biofuel or bulk chemical is produced from sugars with wild-type and genetically engineered microorganisms. This includes the analysis of growth and product formation, enzyme activity and omics data, among others.
  • exercises will be performed on carbon balance, redox balance, flux analysis and metabolic control analysis.

Contact and other information

Course coordinator: Professor Marie Gorwa-Grauslund,
Teacher: Ed van Niel,
Further information: The course contains obligatory sessions: introduction lecture, lab simulation sessions, literature study presentation.

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