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Diploma works & Master thesis

Get practical experience in the craftsmanship of applied microbiology!

Are you interested in a specific research theme or a certain technique within the field of applied microbiology?

Why not join the Division of Applied Microbiology?


We offer:

• short projects (10 weeks; during semester or summer; Link to course syllabus)

• master projects (6 months).

Examples of research activities:

  • Fermentation & quantitative physiology of microbes and cell factories
  • Food safety and foodborne pathogens
  • Diagnostic PCR & forensic techniques
  • Metagenomics
  • Metabolic engineering and gene technology
  • Systems biology modelling
  • Biohydrogen and biofuels
  • Bacteria and climate change
  • Biofilms
  • Biocatalysis
  • Immobilisation of cells
  • Microbial communities in drinking water supply systems
  • Bioremediation and landfills
  • Probiotics and detoxification

Contact the Project responsible(s) in the different research activities (link to research) or e-mail:


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